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Newsletter 2020

June 29, 2020

Subject :

Reinventing Large-Scale Measurement

[NEW] Reinventing Large-Scale Measurement
Measure over a 30 ft area, or while a part remains on the machine tool. Click to see these new capabilities!
Avoid Shock and Awe by Reducing Production Costs!
Have you experienced machines jamming, electrostatic discharge damage, or parts sticking together? Static eliminators make it easy for any facility to reduce downtime and costs. Download to learn more!
Why Switch to Digital Microscopes?
See how the VHX digital microscope can help improve inspection processes! This guide explains the 8 main reasons why people are switching from optical to digital microscopes.
Adaptable Position Sensor
• Long range (0.2’ to 16.4’)
• Tight beam spot
• Analog & discrete outputs
Laser Marking Testimonial: Easy Installation and Integration
ProMATIC Automation is a machine builder that utilizes multiple features to provide built-in cost savings for their customers. Check out this customer testimonial to see why they prefer KEYENCE laser markers.
Measure 3D Parts in Seconds
Regardless of skill level or experience with CMMs, anyone can make use of the XM Series. It’s a handheld CMM used to take 3D measurements quickly and with ease.
All-in-One Lighting Solution!
Tips and industry-specific examples for stable inspection solutions:

• Need contrast on height features?
• Have slight color differences?
• Want to inspect large parts?
Read Barcodes on Electrical Components Like Never Before
With industry-leading reading capabilities, an ultra-wide FOV, and robust integral lighting, see how the
SR-2000 is an ideal choice for bolstering efficiency during electrical component manufacturing.