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Newsletter 2020

July 07, 2020

Subject :

Customer Testimonial – KEYENCE Laser Markers

Learn Why Ardagh Glass Prefers KEYENCE Laser Markers
The Ardagh Group is a leader in metal and glass packaging solutions. Find out what happened after one facility decided to replace their current marking systems with KEYENCE laser markers.
How to Improve Your Logistics Process With Barcode Readers
With issues like increased loads and labor shortages rising, improving your logistics process is paramount. Use this guide to learn how barcode readers can optimize logistics work.
Your Robot Can Do More with 3D Vision-Guided Robotics
Have you considered robot bin picking yet? The path to success is now clear!

• Designed for Ease of Use
• Path planning & picking simulator
• Compatible with most major robot brands
A New Type of Quality Technology
The XM Series is a 3D measurement system that focuses on ease of use, accuracy, and speed. Its handheld probe and virtual interface allows for a simple and quick inspection process.
Automated Inspection for Electric Vehicle Manufacturers
Discover the latest solutions for automated measurement and inspection of electric vehicle components in this guide.
Introduction to Surface Roughness
Check out the complete guide to surface roughness measurements! This guide contains basic information on surface roughness and profile measurements.
Inkjet Printing Process Improvement
Inkjet printers are used to print date and lot numbers directly on your products. This guide explains the advantages of utilizing non-contact inkjet printers over contact-type printers
Stable Detection at the Press of a Button
The AI Series is a new line of Auto Intelligent Sensors. This photo eye has a FOV allowing you to detect difficult and unrepeatable targets. With the push a single button, you can fully integrate the AI!

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