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Newsletter 2020

July 13, 2020

Subject :

Easier Operation & Higher Resolution Images

Easier Operation & Higher Resolution Images
The VHX-7000 represents a new era of digital microscopy. With the newest model, capturing 4K resolution images and 2D/3D measurements in seconds is easy! Check out the brochure to learn more.
Facility Type Clamp-On Flow Meter
Monitor liquid flow on pipes up to 8”.
Proven Solution in:

• Cooling/Chiller Applications
• Waste Water
• Water Treatment
• Plant Inlet/Outlet
• Process Liquid Utilization
[UPGRADE] AI Powered Vision Sensor
The IV2 Series with built in AI eliminates key problems with vision sensors:

• Changes in ambient light
• Unrepeatable part presence
• Low contrast part detection

Download the guide to see more!
Automated Measurement for the Cable & Connector Industry
Automated inspection can drive improved quality and throughput. Discover a range of non-contact solutions such as:

• 3D connector inspection
• Inline diameter measurement
• Assembly checks
Are UV Laser Markers Required for Electronic Components?
As electronic components become smaller and thinner, the need for damage-free marking at a microscopic level is increasing. Download this UV beam analysis to learn more.
Instant Measurement with Automatic Reporting
Measure parts with the push of a button and take advantage of automated reporting. Including the statistical analysis for each part; Standard deviation, CP, CPK and more!
Learn the Basics of Handheld Mobile Computers!
Ever wondered what exactly handheld mobile computers are and what they can do?
For anyone interested in learning about the ease of use and versatility of handheld mobile computers, this dedicated website is a must-read.
Learn everything from the basics to detailed information for specific industries and applications.
[New Product] Stable Inspection on Large Targets!
Use the stability and power of LumiTrax™ lighting on larger targets!

• "Shape from shading" for surface inspection
• High intensity lighting for managing part variance
• Field of view up to 400mm