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          Newsletter 2020

          August 10, 2020

          Subject :

          Instant Part Inspection

          Instant Part Inspection
          The IM Series is an automated, optical inspection system ran at the push of a button. Place a part, push measure and dimension all critical features instantly to drastically reduce inspection time.
          Simple, Stable, Laser Technology
          By combining a camera with a laser, the NEW IX Series can locate the position of parts, check up to 16 locations for correct heights, and more! Download the brochure to see more.
          Upgrade Your Inspection
          · Detect subtle defects on complex parts
          · Easy setup with no vision experience
          · Adaptable lighting for evolving needs
          Solving Issues with Digital Microscopes
          This guide contains in-depth explanations on how the latest applications, across 12 different industries, have been solved using digital microscopes:

          · Medical/Medical Device
          · Electronics
          · Defense/Aerospace
          · and many more!
          A New Approach to 3D Measurement
          The XM Series, a handheld CMM, is used like a simple pair of calipers, but gives you CMM capabilities including GD&T.
          Complete Guide to Barcode Reading Solutions
          KEYENCE works directly with you to provide the best code reading solutions. Use this guide to learn about product information as well as industry examples where barcode reading is commonly used.
          Inkjet Coder Buyer's Guide
          What is important when selecting an inkjet coder? We surveyed users to find out what features are considered when selecting a manufacturer and what reasons they have for staying with the same brand.
          Get 1nm Resolution with Spectral Interferometers
          These vacuum-safe, compact sensors provide excellent performance on reflective surfaces. Learn more here.

          Technical E-news

          Learn the latest in sensors, vision systems, measuring instruments, laser markers and microscopes.

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