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Newsletter 2020

August 24, 2020

Subject :

Over 20,000 Companies Have Switched…

Over 20,000 Companies Have Switched to Digital Microscopes…See Why
• 20x larger depth-of-field
• Auto 2D/3D measurements
• Auto lighting settings
• 4K resolution images
Latest Technology for Outer Diameter Measurement
• Non-contact measurement
• Accurate and repeatable results
• Easy to set up
• Unmatched durability
Improve Quality & Reduce Cost
The IM Series can help to improve quality and reduce cost to quickly provide your customers with parts manufactured to specification.
Static Electricity Causing Product Damage?
Have you experienced machines jamming, electrostatic discharge damage, or parts sticking together? Static eliminators make it easy for any facility to reduce these issues caused by static electricity. Download to learn more!
[New Product] Improve Your Large Part Inspections with LumiTrax™
• High intensity lighting for part variance & defects
• Surface inspection for features & text
• Mitigate glare on glossy & shiny objects
Combine Safety & Productivity
Safety light curtain designed for any application
• Robust housing that resists impact
• Smart indicators, highly-visible
• Simple setup and wiring
Solve Tricky Logistics Applications or Enhance Your Process with a KEYENCE Handheld Mobile Computer
Work smarter, not harder with the BT-A700 mobile computing solution! Removing human error is a crucial step in optimizing your process. See how the BT-A700 can maximize your output!
KEYENCE's Full Traceability Solutions
This guidebook contains information on what KEYENCE offers for laser marking and the peripheral equipment necessary for comprehensive traceability solutions.

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