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Newsletter 2020

September 08, 2020

Subject :

[New] Advanced 3D Measurement Technology

[New Product] Advanced 3D Laser Profiler
Complete challenging 3D measurements and inspections inline by pairing the high-performance laser profilers of the LJ-X Series with the advanced processing power of the XG-X Series.
Accelerating Analysis in Any Industry
See how the VHX digital microscope is used to solve even the most difficult applications in any industry!
- Medical Device
- Automotive
- Semiconductor
- Oil & Gas
- Food & Packaging
- And many more!
The Sensor Unaffected by Color, Surface Finish or Angle
The LR-Z Series has unmatched position-based detection capabilities:
- Auto adjusts light intensity
- No reflector needed
- Teach with a single button
Inkjet Printing Applications by Industry
Inkjet printers can print directly on your products at high speeds from any direction or orientation, making installation painless. This guide outlines a wide variety of inkjet printing applications.
Portable QC Tool
Take 3D measurements on the shop floor using our handheld CMM. This tool allows for an unrestricted measurement range between our handheld probe and temperature range durability.
The World's Most Complete
Vision Lineup
- Improve Throughput with High-Speed Cameras
- Continuously Inspect Large Parts and Webs
- 3D Imaging for Added Functions & Stability
- Provide Operator Utility and Distancing
Improve Surface Roughness Analysis
This guide covers tips on what roughness parameters to use, how to interpret the data, and much more! Start improving your surface roughness analysis today!
Disruptive New Code Reader for the Logistics Industry
Introducing a new code reader that is redefining logistics industry standards. Discover the amazing power of the SR-5000 Series!

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