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          Newsletter 2020

          September 21, 2020

          Subject :

          Hassle-free Displacement Sensors

          A Simple Solution for Non-contact Displacement
          The CL Series non-contact measurement sensors are fast, accurate, and easy to implement. Discover a reliable solution for improving production efficiency and automating quality assurance.
          [NEW Product] Simplify Your Safety Controls
          Whether using safety relays or a safety PLC, the
          GC Series Safety Controller is greatly simplifying safety setups.
          Vision Sensor Powered by AI!
          The AI algorithm in the IV2 Series vision sensor eliminates downtime due to problems such as:
          - Changing ambient light
          - Differences between product lots
          - Oil and other changes to surface conditions
          Download the PDF to learn more!
          More Resolution on Your Parts with Line Scan
          Discover how you can improve your inspections on large parts, continuous webs, or in hard-to-image spaces. Scan your parts with up to 67MP resolution with a line scan camera.
          Disrupt the Industry Standard with the SR-5000 Barcode Reader
          The SR-5000 brings barcode reading into the future. With best-in-class fields of view and reading speeds, this one reader does the work of many. See how the SR-5000 shatters the standards of the past.
          Using Laser Microscopes on Electronic Components
          See how Laser Microscopes are being used for analysis of electronic devices & PCB mounting technologies.

          - Warpage
          - Solder/Film Thickness
          - 3D Measurements
          - and more..
          Bottling + Canning Marking Guide
          KEYENCE laser markers are easily capable of marking cans and bottles at 1600+ parts per minute. Download the guide to see real marking examples.
          5G Smart Manufacturing
          Learn how the Instant Measurement System impacts manufacturing and supports the development of the 5G industry.

          Technical E-news

          Learn the latest in sensors, vision systems, measuring instruments, laser markers and microscopes.

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