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Newsletter 2020

October 05, 2020

Subject :

Unprecedented Sensor Stability

[UPGRADED] Laser Sensor
The [NEW] IX-H can detect small, large, and complex shaped targets. The laser verifies components are present, assembled correctly, and differentiates parts by removing variables of change and only detecting dimensional variation. Download to learn more!
3D Measurement in Seconds
Measure bolt-hole patterns, profiles, and all your GD&T requirements in just seconds with the XM Series Handheld CMM.
[New] Make Work Easy with Long-Range Barcode Reading
Are you tired of constantly getting in and out the forklift to read barcodes when loading and unloading? Take advantage of long-range reading with the BT-A700 to drastically improve work efficiency.
Eliminate Defects in Injection Molding
Check out our guide on how you can eliminate defects in injection molding!
- Sinkage
- Burrs
- Weld Lines
- Warpage, Deformation, and more!
Most Robust Contact Sensor in the Industry!
The GT2 Series is a high-accuracy contact measurement sensor that can perform 200+ million cycles. Download the PDF to learn how this sensor is changing the market!
Stable GO/NO GO Inspection, No Matter the Target!
The IL Series is the ideal sensor for quick and stable position verification. With operating ranges from 1 in. to 11.5 ft., the IL Series makes inspection a breeze!
Robots + Cameras
= NEW Capabilities
Have you seen what vision-guided robots can do? Discover how KEYENCE cameras equip robots for:
- Precise assembly
- Random part picking
- Automatic Inspection
Laser Marking Equipment Examples
Do you mark or print on products that are difficult to mark on the manufacturing line?
If so, check out this guide that contains laser marking equipment and enclosure examples that you can use to improve your processes.

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