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Newsletter 2020

October 12, 2020

Subject :

[NEW] World's Smartest Laser Marker

[NEW] Laser Marker with Automatic Part Tracking
This powerful new system takes full advantage of integrated vision to deliver full-field auto focus, fixtureless marking, and diagnostic tools.
Analyze Surface Differences in 1 Second
Quickly and accurately capture 3D data over an entire surface in 1 second!
- Flatness, Profiling, & Roughness
- Measure & Compare to CAD
- Pass/Fail Inspection
Accurate, Inline Thickness Measurement
Improve throughput and quality with 100% inline thickness measurement. See real applications from industries such as:
- Lithium Ion Battery/EV
- Building Products
- Semiconductor
No More Clogging Due to User Negligence
Not only can the SMART inkjet printer perform self-troubleshooting, it can automatically clean itself before shutting down to ensure no clogging even when the power cable is unplugged or outages occur.
Improve Inspection Strategies
Learn how you can improve your inspection processes from what other industries are doing!
- Meet Quality Demands
- Reduce Defective Parts
- Improve Efficiencies
The New Standard for Logistics Code Reading
The SR-5000 improves efficiency by doing the work of many readers by itself. Whether it is reading multiple codes at high speeds or varying depths, the SR-5000 is up to the task. See how, today!
Simplify Difficult Part Measurement
Simplify difficult to measure part features with the
IM-Series, instant measurement system. Reference virtual figures like mid-points, center and tangent lines and more for quick dimensional results.
Tank Liquid Level Sensor
Stable detection unaffected by:
- Build-up due to viscous liquids
- Foam or bubbles on the surface
- Changes in liquid properties due to mixing
- Condensation & vapor caused by temperature changes

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