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Newsletter 2020

October 19, 2020

Subject :

Analysis & Inspection of Medical Devices

Analysis & Inspection of Medical Devices with Digital Microscopes
Interested in streamlining inspection & analysis, or in more accurate results? The VHX Series Digital Microscope enables all quality control and analysis to be performed with a single device.
3D Inspection with Pattern Projection!
How often do you work with cameras? Has your camera ever struggled with low contrast features that seem obvious to the human eye? Find out how Pattern Projection solves these issues!
[New Product] Laser Marker with Data Driven Analytics!
This new laser marker monitors the status of maintenance items that affect marking quality—such as laser power and lens flaws. It is also equipped with useful diagnostic tools for troubleshooting and providing countermeasures.
Inspect your Parts Anywhere
Dimensional measurements performed by our handheld CMM can be done in many different locations; Allowing for your inspection process to be quick and reduce any bottleneck.
Maintenance-free Micrometers
Optical micrometers provide the accuracy and speed of a laser micrometer, without the maintenance and upkeep. Get reliable 100% inspection for:
• Diameter
• Runout
• Width
[New] Precision Reading in the Palm of Your Hand.
Use the BT-A700's laser sight to quickly and accurately read distant barcodes from up to 30 feet away. Read this guide for tips and tricks to help you work efficiently and without mistakes.
Presence/Absence Detection Redefined!
The AI Series is a new line of Auto Intelligent Sensors. This photo-eye has a FOV allowing for detection of difficult or unrepeatable targets. With the push of a button, you can fully integrate the AI!
Next-Generation Tool Maker's Microscope
The LM Series is a fully automated, high-precision measurement system capable of measuring the most difficult, small part applications at the push of a button.

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