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Newsletter 2020

November 06, 2020

Subject :

Handheld CMM Gets a Major Hardware Upgrade

[NEW] Handheld CMM gets a Major Hardware Upgrade
Our portable, benchtop CMM's hardware upgrade allows for even greater ease-of-use and accuracy. Click to see the new capabilities!
A Logistics Code Reader with Outstanding Reading Performance
SR-5000 is the fastest and most reliable barcode reader available today

- High Speed?
- Multiple Barcodes?
- Variable Product Size?
- Large Field of View?

The SR-5000 solves your barcode reading woes!
Easy-to-Use Non-Contact 3D Measurement System
With the VR-5000 3D Optical Profiler, users are able to automatically measure 800,000 data points in 1 second!

- Form, Flatness, Contour
- Surface Roughness
- CAD Comparison
Do You Have Problems with Bin Picking?
This product is equipped with new functions to solve common setup and operating issue with 3D robotic picking. Using the Path Planning tool and Picking Simulator drastically improves the success rate of picking!
Simple All-Purpose Fiber Sensor
- Straightforward OLED display
- High Power & Precision to detect any target
- Flexible & Compact sensor heads for any environment

A Guide to Successful Inkjet Printing Applications
This guide outlines examples of continuous inkjet printing applications that are widely used in food, pharmaceutical, electronic and automotive industries
Most Robust Contact Sensor
The GT2 Series is a high-accuracy contact measurement sensor that can perform 200+ million cycles! Download the PDF to learn more about this sensor.
Brand-New Observation Method
See how the VHX-7000 allows users to observe subtle irregularities on a surface, even at low magnification, with Optical Shadow Effect Mode!

Technical E-news

Learn the latest in sensors, vision systems, measuring instruments, laser markers and microscopes.

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