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Newsletter 2020

November 09, 2020

Subject :

Finally Monitor Compressed Air with Ease

Clamp-On Compressed Air Flow Meter
Reduce Costs by Monitoring:
- Air Consumption after Receiver Tanks
- Actual Compressor Output
- Different Branch Pipes for Comparison
- Machine Air/Gas Consumption & Leakage
Wide-Area 3D Laser Profiler
Inspect large areas with a single scanner using wide-range laser profilers. Perform 2D and 3D measurements on large targets (up to 720mm or 29") at high speed. Click to see example applications.
Lock Down Your Mobile Devices for Increased Efficiency
Having trouble with distracted operators?
The BT-A700 can block operators from unnecessary apps, ensuring your device is used only for work. Read this guide to learn the benefits of this feature.
Our Latest in Pass/Fail Sensors: Solving Common Worksite Problems
This guide shows how to use vision and laser-based pass/fail sensors to:

- Accommodate for target variations and misalignment
- Reliably detect low contrast targets

Download the guide to learn more!
Automatically Analyze Surface Conditions
The VK-X1000 laser microscope's AI-ANALYZER can automatically analyze surface conditions of multiple samples by choosing the ideal roughness parameters & easily visualizing the differences!
Contact vs. Optical Measurement
Increases in stability, usability, efficiency, and part compatibility are a few reasons why customers have switched from contact-based measurement tools to optical inspection.
Vision Systems in Medical and Food Industries
Quality inspections in medical device production and food & packaging has become more crucial than ever in 2020. Find out HOW to ensure your quality with KEYENCE vision systems.
One Reader to Scan Them All
Conventionally, multiple codes meant multiple readers, making setup a hassle.
A single SR-5000 can cover the area of a full tire, or scan many codes in different locations, increasing efficiency.

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