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Newsletter 2020

November 16, 2020

Subject :

6-in-1 Non-Contact 3D Surface Measurement

6-in-1 Non-Contact 3D Surface Measurement System
See how the VR-5000 3D optical profiler combines the capabilities of 6 systems into 1!
- Compare multiple samples simultaneously
- Visualize surface shape differences quickly
- And much more!
Safety Door Switches Built Different
- Durable locking type and non-contact models
- Compact size for seamless integration
- Highly visible open/close status indicators
- Flexible actuator for reliable alignment on sagging doors

Solving the Biggest Vision Sensor Problems!
The IV2 Series vision sensor eliminates instabilities due to these common problems:
- Changes in ambient light
- Unrepeatable part presence
- Part detection with low contrast
Download the PDF to learn more!
[NEW] Inspection System for Offline Measurement
3D and GD&T measurements just got even easier! Click to see the new features including environmental compensation, freeform CAD export, and more.
Scan Your Parts with 67 Million Pixels
Discover how you can improve your inspections with more resolution over large areas, cylindrical parts, and continuous webs with line scan cameras.
All-in-one Guide to KEYENCE's 1D Laser Displacement Sensors
Laser displacement sensors provide simple, effective solutions for inline measurement. Whether you need 1 μm accuracy or 1 m of range, their versatility and speed can handle a variety of applications.
Fabrication Inspection
Ideal for metal fabrication - easily check 3D and GD&T measurements such as squareness and flatness over a wide 32 ft. working area.
Continuous Inkjet Printer Tech Guide
This tech guide covers the types of inkjet printers and their features. Use this guide to learn about the mechanisms and principles of inkjet printers, as well as the correct inkjet printer to use for a given printing purpose.

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