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Newsletter 2020

November 30, 2020

Subject :

Why Did Pattern Projection Win Gold for Innovation?

3 Key Reasons to Use Pattern Projection for Inspection
- Perform 2D & 3D Inspections at the same time
- Inspect large parts in 3D (10""x10"")
- Detect features and defects on low-contrast metal, plastic, and rubber parts
Reverse-Engineer Your Parts in Seconds
The XM Series is a handheld CMM that uses a handheld touch probe to take 3D/GD&T measurements and freeform CAD to get all your parts dimensions while creating a 3D model.
[NEW] Universal Safety Relay
- Consolidate all safety devices into 1 simple system
- Setup in minutes w/ “Easy Mode” programming
- Fast & Easy wiring via QD’s or push terminals
The New Standard for Laser Marking
Built-in vision, full-field autofocus and data-driven analytics make the MD-X the most advanced laser of its kind. Download the brochure to learn more.
Static Electricity Causing You Problems?
KEYENCE’s SJ-H Series bar-type ionizers provide maximum static elimination for virtually any environment. See how static electricity is easily eliminated even over long distances and wide areas.
Higher Resolution Imaging & Accurate Analysis
The VHX-7000 represents a new era of microscopy with its ability to capture 4K images and various analysis tools, including 2D/3D measurements, particle counting, grain-size analysis, and more.
Calibrated Backlit Measurement System
Perform 2D measurements with high accuracy using the TM-3000. Similar to a backlit vision system, this calibrated sensor measures diameter, width, and angles from a projected silhouette.
Read More with Less
A single SR-5000 barcode reader does the work of many that have come before it.
See why the SR-5000 is the best logistics barcode reading solution on the planet!

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