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Newsletter 2020

December 07, 2020

Subject :

Next-Gen, Automated Optical Measurement System

Next-Gen, Automated Optical Measurement System
Learn why customers are switching from optical comparators and hand tools to the IM Series automated, optical inspection system for quick and accurate measurement results.
[NEW] Laser Marker with Full-Field Camera
View the entire marking field at once, perform visual alignments and set up part tracking in minutes with this powerful new system.
4 Reasons to Switch to Non-Contact 3D Measurement Systems
See how you can improve your measurement methods and accuracy with non-contact 3D measurement systems!
[New Product] Introducing an In-Line Camera with Impressive 3D Imaging!
Experience superior speed and imaging through:
- 9+ MP resolution for 2D & 3D inspection
- Check all 3D features on complex parts
- Guided setup for ease of use
Reduce Losses and Errors in Logistics Operations with OCR Mobile Computers
Learn how even without barcodes, you can still use character recognition to eliminate problems and losses due to human error by using KEYENCE's BT-A700 Mobile Computer.
New Common Practices for Roughness Measurements
The ISO 25178 surface texture standard is quickly being adopted by many industries for checking surface finish. Learn more about this standard and see how you can improve your roughness analysis!
Latest Inspection Standards
Learn how you can improve your imaging quality and analysis with the 10 latest inspection standards for digital microscopes!
Solving On-site Problems with KEYENCE’s Pattern Matching Sensor
- Misalignment and angle deviation
- Surface stains from water and oil
- Similar target and background colors

Pattern matching sensors can be used to prevent false positives caused by these and other factors. See actual examples of how KEYENCE products are being used to improve results.

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Learn the latest in sensors, vision systems, measuring instruments, laser markers and microscopes.

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