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Newsletter 2020

December 14, 2020

Subject :

Advanced Inline Measurement & Inspection

A 3D Laser Profiler for Any Application
Complete challenging 3D measurements and inspections inline by pairing the high-performance laser profilers of the LJ-X8000 Series with the advanced processing power of the XG-X Series.
Laser Sensor for Stable Detection!
The IX Series provides simple, stable detection for inspections and measurements that usually require multiple sensors. See attached PDF for actual examples of improvements to operation.
Quick and Easy Benchtop Measurement
The XM Series is a new CMM that has a 12-sensor probe used to get quick, full-range of motion measurement.
Highest Definition in the History of Digital Microscopes
With a 4K CMOS image sensor, high-resolution lenses, & automatic zoom from 20x to 6000x the VHX-7000 microscope offers easier operation & the highest image quality. Check out our guide to learn more!
Superior Reliability & Increased Uptime
See how the world's first fully self-troubleshooting inkjet printer eliminates unpredictable downtime.
[NEW] Tool Maker's Microscope
Measure the most difficult, small, finicky part applications with the LM Series. Similar to a tool maker's microscope, only fully automated providing instant measurements over a large field of view.
Are You Getting the Read Rates That Your Production Needs?
KEYENCE's SR-5000 offers a high-powered CMOS sensor, performance image processing CPU, and a massive array of high-intensity LEDs that makes for the ultimate barcode reading device.
Mini Metal Photoeye
- Durable stainless steel body
- Easy installation in narrow spaces
- No sensitivity adjustment required