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Newsletter 2020

December 28, 2020

Subject :

Built In Artificial Intelligence

Powered By AI: Vision Sensor
The AI algorithm in the IV2 Series vision sensor eliminates downtime due to problems such as:

- Changing ambient light
- Differences between product lots
- Oil and other changes to surface conditions

Download the PDF to learn more!
The World's Most Complete Vision Lineup
Solve Challenging 2D & 3D Inspections with Ease:

- Improve throughput with high-speed cameras
- Continuously inspect large parts and webs
- 3D imaging for added functions & stability
Accurate, Inline Thickness Measurement
Improve throughput and quality with 100% inline thickness measurement. See real applications from industries such as:

- Lithium Ion Battery/EV
- Building Products
- Semiconductor
Read More Barcodes with Less Readers
A single SR-5000 barcode reader can replace the function of multiple readers with its ultra-wide FOV. See why the SR-5000 is the best logistics barcode reading solution on the planet!
Reduce Cost with Instant Part Measurement
Whether increasing inspection throughput or having the ability to check parts more frequently,
the IM Series can measure any application instantly to help positively impact your bottom line.
Most Durable Sensor on the Market!
The GT2 Series is a high-accuracy contact measurement sensor that can perform over 200 million cycles! Download the PDF to learn more.
Why People Choose the SMART Inkjet Coder?
Reliability and ease of use are why people choose the SMART inkjet coder. See how the MK-G Series eliminates unpredictable downtime and makes manual maintenance a thing of the past!
Automatically Measure Contour, Flatness, and Roughness in 1 Second!
The VR-5000 can capture accurate 3D data of large parts quickly! Don’t worry about probe selection, target placement, or parameter selections; just place your sample on the stage & measure!

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