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Newsletter 2021

January 04, 2021

Subject :

Don’t Settle for Poor Read Rates

A Barcode Reader that Won’t Slow You Down
The SR-5000 is specifically engineered for fast and reliable barcode reading on a massive scale. More barcodes read means more product out the door. See how the SR-5000 can improve your process!
Latest 3D Inspection Tool
The XM-2000, handheld CMM, is the newest of inspection tools that allows for quick and easy 3D measurement on your shop floor.
View, Capture, and Measure with an All-in-One System
With the VHX-7000 digital microscope, users are able to quickly capture high-resolution images that rival an SEM and advanced 2D/3D measurements.
Check out the brochure to learn more!
New Tools to Improve Bin Picking Success
Check out these new functions to solve common setup and operating issues with 3D robotic picking. The Path Planning tool and Picking Simulator drastically improve the success rate of implementation!
The Future of Automotive Traceability
Electric vehicles contain a staggering number of marked parts, and laser markers are critical to their production. Discover why in this quick read.
Easy to Use, Rapid Results, Automated Operation
The VK-X1000 laser microscope captures images & 3D data across a 50mm area with nanometer resolution, far beyond the capabilities of conventional 3D systems!
Check out the brochure to learn more!
Does Your Process Require a Handheld Mobile Computer?
Not sure? Check this document out to see if a handheld mobile computer is for you! KEYENCE offers an android-based mobile computing solution that is easy to use, rugged, and versatile. Give it a look!
Upgrade Your Conventional Measurement Tools
The IM-7000 Series eliminates measurement discrepancies brought about by use of optical comparators and hand tools; Any operator can place a part, push one button and achieve accurate, repeatable results.