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Newsletter 2021

January 12, 2021

Subject :

[NEW] CIP Safety Compatible Safety Scanner

[NEW] CIP Safety Compatible Safety Scanner
CIP Safety communication is NOW POSSIBLE with the SZ-V Series. Along with the impressive range, detachable display, and built-in camera, the SZ-V Series is a clear industry leader.
See Everything Your
Laser Marker Sees
Easy part alignment? Check.
Full-field autofocus? Check.
Part tracking? Check.

Introducing the MD-X.
Push-Button X, Y, & Z Measurement System
Measure all 2D profile features including height in seconds! The IM-7000 Series, automated optical inspection system can accurately and repeatably dimension all part applications at the push of one button.
Latest Technology for Outer Diameter Measurement
• Non-contact measurement
• Accurate and repeatable results
• Easy to set up
• Unmatched durability
6-in-1 Non-Contact 3D Surface Measurement System
See how the VR-5000 3D optical profiler combines the capabilities of 6 systems into 1!

• Compare multiple samples simultaneously
• Visualize surface shape differences quickly
• And much more!
Combine Safety & Efficiency
User-Friendly Safety Light Curtains
• Simplified mounting & wiring
• Smart indicators for easy alignment
• No maintenance due to ability to resist impact & detect through build up
A Tough Laser Sensor for Use in Any Environment
KEYENCE’s proprietary technology can perform stable detections even under severe conditions. The diverse lineup of sensor heads makes it possible to install sensors on virtually any pre-existing equipment.
Have You Been Working With Parts For EV?
Electric vehicle components in general are notoriously challenging to inspect and assemble due to small parts and required quality control. See how cameras can improve these inspections.