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Newsletter 2021

January 25, 2021

Subject :

Already Have a CMM?

Already Have a CMM?
The NEW XM Series is the perfect complement to your CMM. Reduce backlog and increase production by letting anyone easily take 3D measurements, anywhere.
Solving All Your Problems with Static Electricity!
Are you concerned about adhesion of foreign particles, products sticking together, clogging, or other problems caused by static electricity? Take a look at this guide to see how KEYENCE can help.
Taking the Lead in Quality Management
The VHX Series digital microscope offers fast, accurate, and complete analysis with improved reliability! Check out the guide to learn more.
Long Distance General Purpose Sensor
The PZ-G Series is a user-friendly & reliable solution for general purpose sensing due to:

• Simple sensitivity adjustments
• Alignment indicators
• One touch mounting brackets
• Long distance detection

Guide to Reduce Inkjet Coder Downtime
Is your inkjet coder causing excessive downtime? KEYENCE's MK-G series CIJ solves many of the issues that occur with conventional inkjet coders. Check out this guide to learn more!
Difficulties Using Large Calipers and Mics?
The WM Series makes it easy to measure large parts. See how to eliminate problems and limitations of large hand tools.
Discover How Cameras Increase Quality While Decreasing Cost
Maintain high quality standards for automotive components with KEYENCE's 2D & 3D cameras. Applications include assembly verification, presence/absence, defects, and measurement of seals & gaskets.
Full-range Reading in the Palm of Your Hand
The KEYENCE BT-A700 can read codes from as close as 1 inch to as far as 30 feet away. With one-handed operability, learn how the BT-A can be a huge asset to your process.