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Newsletter 2021

February 01, 2021

Subject :

Still Doing Manual Inspections?

Automate with The World's Most Complete Vision Lineup
• Assembly or Height Check? 3D Vision
• Difficult Inspection? Advanced Lighting
• Using Robots? Vision Guided Robotics
• New to Vision? Easy-to-use Interface

Find your solution here.
Upgrade to Digital Microscopes
With quality standards increasing, we are seeing more people switching to digital microscopes. See the 8 main reasons why our customers have upgraded to the VHX Series Digital Microscope.
Preventing the Release of Defective Products
Sample inspection or manual inspection alone can't always prevent defective products from getting released. This guide introduces tools for automated inspection that could save both time and money.
Laser Marking for Food and Pharma
UV laser markers are becoming go-to traceability systems for the food and pharma industries. Check out how these devices are currently being used in six different manufacturing processes.
Reduce Time and Effort!
The AI Series is a new line of Auto-Intelligent Sensors. This photo-eye has a FOV allowing for detection of difficult or unrepeatable targets. With the push of a button, you can fully integrate the AI!
Increase Your Productivity with Code Readers
The pace of modern production is always getting faster. See how Keyence can get you up to speed by upgrading your process with a SR-5000 barcode reading system.
Non-Contact, Instant Part Measurement
The IM Series can layout an entire part in seconds. At the push of a button, any operator can accurately dimension 100 critical features and automatically generate an inspection report!
Upgrade to Non-Contact 3D Measurement Systems
With quality standards increasing, we are seeing more people switch to non-contact 3D measurement systems. See the 4 main reasons why our customers have upgraded to the VR Series 3D Optical Profiler.

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