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Newsletter 2021

February 08, 2021

Subject :

Mark and Inspect Parts with a Single Laser

[NEW] Laser Marker with Built-In Part Tracking and Inspection
This next-generation laser marker can track parts in 3-dimensions, read 2D codes and confirm overall marking quality.
Lockdown Your Androidâ„¢ Devices for Work
Want to ensure your devices are used for work only?
The BT-A700 comes pre-installed with lockdown software to ensure operators use only your approved apps and web pages. Learn more with this guide.
Control & Monitor Liquid Flow from Outside the Pipe!
The FD-Q Series is ideal for:
- Mounting near important equipment
- Chemicals, Oils, and Corrosive Liquids
- Contracted equipment
Reverse-Engineering Made Easy
With the XM Series, just touch the probe against the part to create 3D CAD models or output measurement results. Making reverse engineering a simple and quick process.
Precise Measurements in 0.13s
This unique 3D sensor allows customers to get lab-quality measurements at production speeds. Click to learn more.
Scan Your Parts with 67 Million Pixels
Discover how you can improve your inspections with more resolution over large areas, cylindrical parts, and continuous webs with line scan cameras.
7 Solutions to Common Measurement Problems
Learn how the VR-5000 3D Optical Profiler is solving 7 common issues found with conventional measuring systems.
Selecting the Best Height Detection Sensor
The ideal height detection sensor depends on the measurement target and purpose. Discover the main features of three different types of sensors, and see actual measurement examples.