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Newsletter 2021

February 22, 2021

Subject :

Advantages of Digital Microscopes

Check Out the Advantages of Digital Microscopes
See the 8 main reasons why so many people are switching from conventional optical systems to digital microscopes!
Automated Measurement & Inspection for E-mobility
See how laser displacement sensors are improving processes for e-mobility industries such as:

- Batteries
- Motors
- Connectors
[UPGRADE] AI Powered Vision Sensor
The IV2 Series with built in AI eliminates key problems with vision sensors:

- Changes in ambient light
- Unrepeatable part presence
- Low contrast part detection

Download the guide to see more!
[NEW] CIP SAFETY Laser Scanner
-Easily monitor safety and operation statuses remotely
-Save time with remote maintenance
-Simple wiring of power line and LAN cable
No More Inkjet Printer Hassle
Introducing the World's first self-troubleshooting inkjet printer. With the new SMART Dock, the system is completely hassle-free as it can be left inactive indefinitely without ever clogging up.
All-in-One Lighting
See how this award-winning light has the flexibility to solve applications and reduce costs across production lines in these industry examples:

- Automotive
- Electronics
- Food & Medical
Improve Your Process with a Single Code Reader
The field of view from just one SR-5000 is 5x greater than the conventional barcode reading solutions on the market today. Discover how the SR-5000 can improve your productivity!
Non-Contact, High-Precision Measurement
Non-contact, high-precision measurement on all part profile features including height. Meet industry demands for holding tight tolerances on all part applications.