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Newsletter 2021

March 08, 2021

Subject :

New Products to Improve Logistics Processes

[NEW] Improve Logistics Operations with Android™ 10
The BT-A500 is KEYENCE's newest addition to our handheld mobile computer lineup. Powered with Android™ 10, its ergonomic shape and scanning ability make it ideal for improving logistics operations.
Make Keyence Your Total Barcode Reading Solution
The SR-5000 is yet another Keyence product that is specially designed to improve the efficiency of your process. See how Keyence can solve ALL your barcode reading woes!
Improve Inline Measurement with 3D
Using 3D images can improve the reliability of inline inspections. Learn how the LJ-X8000 Series' 3D laser profilers deliver accurate results, regardless of target color, material, or position.
Automate Robotic Assembly, Bin Picking, and Machine Tending
Utilize 3D Vision-Guided Robotics to automate more tasks than ever before thanks to the RB camera system's easy robot integration and automatic path planning.
Eliminate Static throughout a Room without Using Air
A bar-type ionizer that eliminates static without using any air is now available, ideal for use with parts and small products that might fly off with even the slightest breeze.
High Contrast Laser Marking Applications
UV laser markers can create better color contrast thanks to their "cold" wavelength. Check out these marking examples & get an inside look at some laser marking trends.
[NEW Product] Programmable Safety Relay
- Universal connectivity with Light Curtains, Area Scanners, Interlocks, E-Stops, etc
- Monitor/Program from anywhere with network compatibility
- Eliminate wiring mistakes with innovative GC-Link cables
Using Non-Contact 3D Measurement Systems for Inspection and Analysis
See how the VR-5000 3D Optical Profiler has been used in various different industries for measuring profiles, flatness, form, contour, and roughness.
Safety Area Scanner
- Protect complex areas quickly & accurately with the automatic drawing function
- Mount the area scanner horizontally or vertically around your machine
- Reduce wiring with CIP Safety or PROFIsafe
Inkjet Printer Maintenance is a Thing of the Past
MK-G Series eliminates the guesswork of inkjet maintenance and can be operated with any skill level. See how this self-troubleshooting inkjet printer helps companies overcome skilled-labor shortage.
A New Contact Sensor That Won’t Break the Bank
Most people think contact sensors easily damage targets and cannot be used for measuring moving targets. In addition to completely defying this image, KEYENCE sensors can also help reduce costs.
Using 4K Microscope Observation for Advanced Inspection and Analysis
See how the VHX-7000 Digital Microscope has been used in various different industries for high-resolution imaging, 2D/3D measurements, and other advanced analysis.