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Newsletter 2021

March 15, 2021

Subject :

Instant Measurement System Gets a Major Hardware Upgrade

[NEW] Instant Measurement System gets a Major Hardware Upgrade
Our instant measurement system's hardware upgrade makes the unit more capable than ever before. Click to see the added capability including a rotational unit for measurement on multiple part surfaces!
[NEW] Telecentric Measurement System
The TM-X5000 Series is a calibrated backlit measurement system that allows for:
- Accurate inline measurement
- High-speed imaging
- Large depth of field
- Easy installation
Click to learn more.
Image-Based Laser Sensor: Reducing Costs through Error-Proofing
Introducing industry-specific examples of improvements made possible by using sensors to eliminate false detections. Learn how to cut costs and improve efficiency at the same time.
Thickness Measurement Solution for Sheet, Film, and Glass
Do you use calipers, micrometers, or contact sensors for thickness measurements? Learn about the advantages of switching to KEYENCE’s compact confocal displacement sensor.
Behind-the-Scenes Look at
KEYENCE’s Latest 3D Camera
The XT's 3D technology is enabled by state-of-the-art equipment to provide advanced imaging for any level of user. Discover the hardware secrets of rapid 3D imaging with zero blind spots.
Sensor Problems Caused by Color, Shape, or Surface Finish?
Solve them with the LR-Z Series do-it-all sensor
- No reflector needed
- 3 easy buttons
- Same day shipping
Laser Marking on Electric Vehicle Batteries
Laser markers - due to their versatility and permanence - are becoming an essential part of battery manufacturing. Download this guide to see how many components batteries contain and why they require marking.
Unique Ways to Utilize Digital Microscopes
The VHX Series Digital Microscope has been used by over 20,000 companies worldwide for all types of applications. Check out this guide to see what's possible with the latest microscope technology!
Versatile, Wireless CMM
The WM Series enables anyone to easily perform final inspection, reduce machine downtime, relieve CMM backlog & troubleshoot parts in production.
[New Product] Upgrade Your Operations with Android™ 10 Mobile Computers
The new BT-A500, powered by Android™ 10, has the ability to read text and barcodes. Learn how this can be used to eliminate operator error and reduce downtime and cost.
Long Range Position Sensor
LR-T Series:
- Simple calibration for any target
- Flexible mounting for part detection at any angle
- Analog & Discrete outputs for position monitoring
A Reliable Inkjet Printer That Doesn't Require Manual Maintenance
KEYENCE’s continuous inkjet printers (CIJs) can automatically identify and perform daily maintenance tasks, eliminating various hassles associated with conventional systems. This makes them easy to use for all users.