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Newsletter 2021

March 29, 2021

Subject :

[NEW] VK-X3000 3D Surface Profiler

[NEW] VK-X3000 3D Surface Profiler
The VK-X3000 combines 3 measurement technologies into a single device: laser confocal scanning, focus variation, & white light interferometry. For the first time, nanometer, micrometer, & millimeter measurements can be performed with a single device.
Clamp-On Micro Flow Sensor
The FD-X series – micro flow monitoring with no impact on a process
- Spraying/Coating
- Filling/Injecting
- Dispensing
- Cooling/Lubricating
[NEW] IM-8000 Series, Instant Measurement System
Our automatic measurement system gets a major update; 20 mega-pixel CMOS sensor, optional rotary unit for multi-surface measurement, and more data point collection for highly accurate, repeatable results!
[New Product] Read Multiple Codes at Once with a Handheld Mobile Computer
The BT-A500, powered by Android™ 10, introduces multicode reading. With this feature you can scan up to 50 codes at once or 100 codes in succession, speeding up your process immensely.
All-in-One 3D Measurement Solution
The VR-5000 combines the capabilities of 6 measurement systems into one compact, easy-to-use unit so that any user can solve difficult 3D measurement applications & analysis in seconds!
Solving the Six Major Vision Sensor Problems
The IV2 Series with built in AI eliminates 6 key problems with visions sensors. Download the brochure to learn how!
Clamp-On Flow Meter
The FD-R series – liquid flow monitoring on pipes up to 8”
- Cooling/Chiller applications
- Waste water systems
- Recording plant inlet/outlet flow
Automotive Laser Marking Guide
Laser markers are becoming a vital part of vehicle traceability. Take a look at some common applications and see how laser markers overcome industry challenges.
Industrial Robotics Improved by Vision Systems
Industrial robots + Vision solve growing needs of automation & efficiency within manufacturing. Explore how industry-leading vision systems handle vision-guided robotics with a focus on high accuracy.
GD&T Measurement Results with Ease
Our benchtop CMM allows you to get your complex GD&T measurements quickly using the XM Series simplified software that requires no cmm experience.
Learn the Basics of Barcoding
Barcodes are everywhere, but seldom do we actually think about what goes into them and what they mean for industry. Check out this guide to take a step into the world of barcoding with KEYENCE
Accelerating Analysis with Digital Microscopes
Due to its 4K resolution imaging and advanced measurement capabilities, the VHX-7000 is helping accelerate analysis all over the world. Learn more about how this is possible.