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Newsletter 2021

April 05, 2021

Subject :

Latest Technology: New KEYENCE Products Available Now!

[NEW] IM-8000 Series: Instant Measurement System
The IM-8000 Series is equipped with a 20 mega-pixel CMOS sensor for crisp, clear part resolution, optional rotary unit for multi-surface part measurement, and can measure 300 part dimensions in a second!
[NEW] VK-X3000 3D Surface Profiler
The VK-X3000 combines 3 measurement technologies into a single device: laser confocal scanning, focus variation, & white light interferometry. For the first time, nanometer, micrometer, & millimeter measurements can be performed with a single device.
[NEW] Telecentric Measurement System
The TM-X5000 Series is a calibrated backlit measurement system that allows for:
• Accurate inline measurement
• High-speed imaging
• Large depth of field
• Easy installation
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[NEW] Improve Logistics Operations with Android™ 10
The BT-A500 is KEYENCE's newest addition to our handheld mobile computer lineup. The BT-A500 features stable and swift multi-code reading, OCR, enhanced ergonomic design, and excellent durability.