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Newsletter 2021

May 10, 2021

Subject :

The EV industry is about to boom…

The Future of Automotive Traceability
Electric vehicles contain a staggering number of marked parts, and laser markers are critical to their production. Discover why in this quick read.
Our Most Capable Measurement System Ever
The IM-8000 Series is capable of automatic part recognition for instant part measurement. Measure hundreds of critical features upon part placement on its large, 8''x12'' stage!
Solving the Six Major Vision Sensor Problems
The IV2 Series with built in AI eliminates 6 key problems with visions sensors. Download the brochure to learn how!
Need Safety Light Curtains?
The GL-R Series provides a strong, smart, and simple solution designed for any application:
• Durable Housing
• Full Length Status Indicators
• Reduced Wiring
• In stock
Behind-the-Scenes Look at
KEYENCE’s Latest 3D Camera
The XT's 3D technology is enabled by state-of-the-art equipment to provide advanced imaging for any level of user. Discover the hardware secrets of rapid 3D imaging with zero blind spots.
Any Code, Anywhere, Any Speed: Barcode Reading Taken to the Next Level
With the SR-5000 Series, you can read difficult barcodes anywhere on your line. With an ultra-high megapixel camera and ultra-wide FoV, learn how the SR-5000 can be used to add value in any process.
Struggling While Using Large Calipers and Mics?
The WM Series makes it easy to measure large parts. See how to eliminate problems and limitations of large hand tools.
Improving Success Rates of Bin Picking
Discover how the path planning tool and picking simulator can provide the optimum solution for bin picking. Determine the ideal hardware design and pick even difficult parts while avoiding collisions.
Safety Light Curtain Parts List Generator
• Select desired features
• Click “submit”
• Receive parts list
Reliable Self-Diagnosing Ink Jet
Learn how the new MK-G Series self-diagnoses and self-troubleshoots based on the necessary steps needed to start up. It's as simple as pressing a single button. Download the free brochure now.
Using 4K Microscope Observation for Advanced Inspection and Analysis
See how the VHX-7000 Series Digital Microscope has been used in various different industries for high-resolution imaging, 2D/3D measurements, and other advanced analysis.
Handheld Benchtop Measurement
Make your inspection process easier than ever and allow for a wide range of applications by using the XM Series. Download the brochure now to see application examples.