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Newsletter 2021

May 24, 2021

Subject :

Air & Liquid Flow: What you need to know

Clamp-On Air/Gas Flow Monitoring Now Possible
Reduce costs by monitoring:
• Air consumption after receiving tanks
• Actual compressor output
• Different branch pipes for comparison
• Machine air/gas usage & leakage
Improving Success Rates with Bin Picking
Discover how the path planning tool and picking simulator can eliminate collisions and remove hard-to-reach parts to drastically increase picking success rates.
Clamp-On Liquid Flow Sensor
The FD-Q Series:
• Monitor liquid flow w/o pipe modification
• Easily add to existing systems
• Utilize outputs to control flow rate and consumption
The Next Era of Digital Microscopy
The VHX-7000 is the world's first 4K ultra-high accuracy microscope with easier operation & higher resolution imaging.
Learn more about what's possible with the latest microscope technology!
The Optimal Laser Detection Sensor for Glossy Targets
Do you have problems with malfunctions caused by glossy or curved targets? This laser detection sensor’s automatic correction function ensures stable detection.
This laser marker takes care of itself
MD-X laser markers self-monitor their performance to eliminate problems before they occur.

If something goes wrong, they'll also self-diagnose the situation, so you don't need to guess-and-check.
3D Imaging & Measurement with a Single Device
The VR-5000 3D optical profiler captures non-contact, highly accurate 3D images & measurements in as little as 1 second.
Learn more about what's possible with the latest 3D measurement technology!
Industrial Robotics Improved by Vision Systems
Industrial robots guided by vision systems can do more tasks than ever. Explore how industry-leading vision systems handle vision-guided robotics with a focus on high accuracy.
Shop Floor 3D Metrology
Eliminate the need for a temperature controlled room, marble slab, and cleanliness with our portable shop floor CMM.
Inkjet Printing Applications by Industry
Inkjet printers can print directly on products at high speeds from any direction or orientation, making installation painless. This guide outlines a wide variety of inkjet printing applications.
High-Speed Micrometers
Optical micrometers can accurately measure small defects, even on targets that are vibrating or moving at high speeds. Get reliable 100% inspection for:
• Diameter
• Lump & Neckdown Detection
• Runout