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Newsletter 2021

June 07, 2021

Subject :

A New Era of High-Resolution Inspection

Revolutionary Vision Systems with Ultra-High Resolution Cameras
Introducing new 64, 41, and 21 megapixel cameras to meet the needs for high-accuracy and wide field of view inspections. Extremely fast imaging rates permit usage on high-speed production lines.
Versatile Inline 3D Inspection
3D laser profilers allow for reliable and accurate inline inspection. The LJ-X8000 Series has options for any application or material, including sensors for micron-level accuracy or long range.
High Contrast Laser Marking Applications
UV laser markers can create better color contrast thanks to their "cold" wavelength. Check out these marking examples & get an inside look at UV laser marking trends.
Electric Motors - Machine Vision Solutions
Conquer common motor and vehicle manufacturing challenges with high-resolution defect detection, robotic picking, and end of line assembly verification.
4 in 1 Digital Microscope
By combining the capabilities of 4 different imaging & measurement systems into 1, the VHX Series Digital Microscope allows users to capture high-resolution images & accurate 2D/3D measurements in seconds.
Heavy Duty Photoelectric Sensor
The PX Series:
-Oil resistant & waterproof
-Blasts through dirt, dust, build-up, etc.
-Indoor & Outdoor use
-Resistant to shock
-40 meter detection range
[Upgraded] Laser Sensor
The [NEW] IX-H Series can detect simple and complex shaped targets. The laser verifies components are present, assembled correctly, and differentiates parts by removing variables of change. Download to learn more!
High-Resolution, High-Accuracy Measurement Technology
The LM Series is a next generation tool maker's microscope that provides operators with automated measurement results accurate to +/-0.7 micron!
Laser Sensors for Difficult Applications
-Small red beam spot
-Long distance detection with a focused beam spot
-Clear target detection, spot detection, area detection
-Optional networking capability
Having Problems with Conventional Measuring Instruments?
Check out the latest VR Series 3D Optical Profiler! This system allows users to scan entire surfaces in as little as one second and easily measure profiles, flatness, roughness, and much more!
New Tools to Improve Bin Picking Success
Check out these new functions to solve common setup and operating issues with 3D robotic picking. The Path Planning tool and Picking Simulator drastically improve the success rate of implementation!
Expedite Your Code Reading with KEYENCE
Hand-held code reading is inherently a slow process. Read codes faster by switching to a fixed code reader with an ultra-wide field of view. See how
the SR-5000 series can improve your process.