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Newsletter 2021

June 21, 2021

Subject :

360° Multi-Surface Measurement

360° Multi-Surface Measurement
Simultaneous measurement on all part surfaces at the push of a button; the IM-8000 Series now has an optional rotary fixture for a 360° view of any part.
Machine Safety Made Simple
GS Series Safety Door Switches:
• Highly visible status indicators
• Simplified wiring
• Compact and durable construction
• Reliable detection despite door sag
Calibrated Backlit Inspection
The TM-X5000 Series delivers high-accuracy inspection with almost no setup time. Defect detection, GD&T, and measurement are possible inline or offline.
Accelerate and Simplify Inspection
See how the XM Series can change your inspection process for the better. Its easy-to-use handheld probe allows anyone, anywhere to complete inspection quickly.
Analyzing 3D Shapes in Just 1 Second
The VR Series 3D Optical Profiler is capable of quickly performing measurements over entire surfaces with high accuracy. See how this system solves all the issues found with conventional profile measurement systems!
A Guide to Successful Inkjet Printing Applications
This guide outlines examples of continuous inkjet printing applications that are widely used in food, pharmaceutical, electronic and automotive industries
Updated Resource - Safety Support Guide Book
Utilize this Safety Guide Book to learn more about the following machine safety topics:
• Safety standards
• Risk and safety
• Performance Level
• ISO revisions
• Safety distance calculations
Useful Sensors for Manufacturing of 5G-related Components
Components in 5G service-compatible devices require higher functionality and quality than conventional components. Learn about KEYENCE products that are useful when manufacturing of these high-performance components.
Behind-the-Scenes Look at KEYENCE’s Latest 3D Camera
The XT Series' 3D technology is enabled by state-of-the-art equipment to provide advanced imaging for any level of user. Discover the hardware secrets to achieve high-accuracy 2D & 3D measurements.
Does Your Scanner Run Out of Battery Too Quickly?
Tired of low-powered scanners? The KEYENCE
BT-A700 features a 32-hour-long battery life and a battery hot-swap feature. This ensures your process never slows down due to a low battery.