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Newsletter 2021

July 19, 2021

Subject :

[NEW] Compact Laser Sensor

Introducing KEYENCE’s New Ultra-Compact Digital Laser Sensor
The new LR-X Series is why you should expect more from your sensors.
• Ultra-compact size for flexible installation
• New Gyro Monitor (impact alarm)
• World's first green laser CMOS sensor
All-in-One Digital Microscope
Learn more about how our latest digital microscope combines the capabilities of 4 different imaging & measurement systems, allowing users to view, capture, & measure with just one device!
Industrial Robotics Improved by Vision Systems
Vision-guided industrial robots can do more tasks than ever. Check out how industry-leading vision systems focus on high accuracy for pick and place applications.
Does Your Process Require a Handheld Mobile Computer?
If you're not sure, check this document out to see if a handheld mobile computer is for you! KEYENCE offers Android™-based mobile computing solutions that are easy to use, rugged, and versatile.
Direct Marking on Medical Equipment
Many medical components have a chromium exterior. UV lasers - thanks to cold marking - can mark these parts without damaging them. Download this medical marking guide to learn more.
QC Bottleneck?
Eliminate bottlenecks within your QC process with the IM-8000 Series Instant Measurement System; hundreds of part features measured in seconds, at the push of a button!
6-in-1 3D Optical Profiler
Learn more about how our latest 3D optical profiler combines the capabilities of 6 imaging & measurement systems, allowing users to capture accurate 3D measurements in as little as 1 second!
Remotely Check Printer Status Anytime, Anywhere
Read about KEYENCE's new Industrial Ink Jet Printer that gives you the capability to check printer status and fully operate the printer with a PC or Smartphone.
High-Speed Outer Diameter Measurement
• Non-contact measurement
• Accurate and repeatable results
• Easy to set up
• Unmatched durability
Automotive Edition
This updated guide introduces various solutions in the automotive industry! Ensure confidence with KEYENCE laser sensors.