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Newsletter 2021

August 16, 2021

Subject :

The Optimal Laser Marker for Varying Product Heights

Overcome Marking Quality Issues with the New MD-X
Do you have trouble marking parts because their height or position changes? This laser marker uses a built-in distance sensor to keep your parts in-focus.
Solving Major Vision Sensor Problems
The IV2 Series with built-in AI eliminates key problems with vision sensors. The IV2 helps with changes in ambient light, unrepeatable part presence, low contrast part detection, and more! Download to learn more.
High-End Inline 3D Inspection
The LJ-X8000 laser profiler provides high-accuracy measurement on any material. Take advantage of customizable inspection with KEYENCE's newest controllers.
Full Range Scanning in the Palm of Your Hand
KEYENCE’s BT-A700 handheld computer is able to read codes from distances between 1in and 30ft. With Android™ 9 OS and built-in lockdown software, it is the perfect device for logistics operations.
Detailed Inline Product Inspection for EV Production
As the market for electric vehicles continues to expand, discover how KEYENCE vision systems can help ensure the quality of any component while keeping up with production.
Code Reading on Any Product, Any Size, and Any Speed
The SR-5000 series offers best-in-class reading capability and stability. See how this system can improve your barcode reading process in either logistics or automation applications.
Submicron Measurement Accuracy
The LM Series is an automated, high-accuracy measurement system, capable of measuring even the most difficult small parts at the push of a button.
Increasing Line Recovery Speed with a Safety Laser Scanner
The SZ-V provides alternatives to connecting to a PC:

- Remote monitoring w/ detachable display
- Quickly fix issues w/ integrated camera
- Multiple networking options (E/IP, PROFIsafe, CIP Safety, etc.)
Reasons to Choose the VHX-7000 Digital Microscope
Learn more about the latest VHX-7000 Series Digital Microscope and see why so many users are choosing to use this system for all their inspection and analysis needs!
New Tools to Improve Bin Picking Success
Check out these new functions to solve common setup and operating issues with 3D robotic picking. The Path Planning tool and Picking Simulator drastically improve the success rate of implementation!