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Newsletter 2021

September 13, 2021

Subject :

360 Degree Part Inspection

360 Degree Part Inspection
See how the latest IM-8000 Series can automatically measure all part surfaces simultaneously at the push of a button.
Decrease Scrap with this Vision-Guided Laser Marker
Are you scrapping parts because they are mis-marked? MD-X laser markers come equipped with a built-in camera for easy setup, part tracking and 2D code reading.
Decrease Your Need for Re-work from No Reads
The SR-5000 Series provides unmatched barcode reading capabilities that are guaranteed to reduce the time required for scrap and no read re-work. This means more consistent and higher throughput.
Increasing Line Recovery Speed with a Safety Laser Scanner
Having to connect to a PC to check the cause every single time the scanner detects something is a serious hassle. With the SZ-V Series, a detachable display unit is available for checking the causes of problems.
Simulate Any Bin Pick Application including Robot and Cell Layout
Utilize KEYENCE's one-of-a-kind Picking Simulator to build a digital copy of your robotic cell and test your picking application before any hardware setup!
Comparing & Understanding Roughness Measurement Instruments
This guide reviews the differences and advantages between non-contact & contact surface roughness measurement systems. See why so many people are switching to 3D Surface Profilers!
A Vision Sensor That Solves Malfunction Problems with AI!
The AI helps make difference checks of targets with the same color or material stable, which are difficult for laser and fiberoptic sensors to handle. This feature eliminates malfunctions and makes it easy to readjust when problems occur.
Precision 3D Measurement without Dead Zones
Instantly capture 3D images using high-accuracy white light interferometry. This unique principle enables measurement of nearly any surface type, including mirrored and transparent targets.