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Newsletter 2021

September 27, 2021

Subject :

[NEW PRODUCT] Simple Sensor to Mistake Proof Your Processes

[New Product] Introducing a Vision Sensor with a Built-in Smart Camera
The AI in the built-in smart camera makes configuring imaging conditions and detection settings simple for anyone. Meanwhile, the ultra-compact head can be installed anywhere.
Upgrade Your Hand Tools
Bridging the gap between a CMM and hand tools, the XM Series is a handheld CMM that is easy-to-use, highly accurate, and shop floor ready.
Tips to Maximizing Microscope Usage
Check out this guide and learn how to get the most out of your microscope!
• 4K Imaging
• Large Depth of Field
• Multi-Angle Observation
• 3D imaging & Measurement
• And So Much More!
Image Large Fields of View with Ultra-High Resolution Cameras
Introducing new 64, 41, and 21 megapixel cameras to meet the needs for high-accuracy and wide field of view inspections. Extremely fast imaging rates permit usage on high-speed production lines.
Laser Markers: Material-Based Selection Guide
Lasers can mark metals, resins, ceramics, and more. However, different wavelengths excel at marking certain materials. Learn how to match the right wavelength to the desired material in this guide.
High-Speed Outer Diameter Inspection
• Non-contact measurement
• Accurate and repeatable results
• Easy to set up
• Unmatched durability
[NEW] Universal Safety Relay
• Consolidate all safety devices into 1 simple system
• Setup in minutes w/ “Easy Mode” programming
• Fast & Easy wiring via QD’s or push terminals
Modernize Your Inventory with Android™
Get rid of pen and paper! The BT-A700 can maximize efficiency and cut costs by digitizing your data. Powered by Android™, it comes with built in Enterprise software and advanced scanning capabilities.