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Newsletter 2021

October 11, 2021

Subject :

Measuring with Calipers and Micrometers?

Measure What Hand Tools Can’t
See how the latest XM-2000 Series can increase part inspection capabilities to meet your customer’s needs.
2D Code Marking Handbook
Learn the basics of using a laser marker to create 2D codes. This handbook contains tips, tricks, and application examples for marking both metals and plastics.
New Smart Camera System for Various Detection Applications
The advanced AI in this system enables presence detection and differentiation while also fully automating setting configuration. Take advantage of long-range detection over a wide area for use in various situations.
Code Readers, the Key to Increasing Throughput
When it comes to increasing facility throughput, increasing the reading speed of code readers is essential. See how KEYENCE products are being used to improve operations and increase line speeds.
High Precision Clamp-On Flow Sensor
Mount and monitor micro/low flow in seconds with the FD-X Series.
• No contact with fluid
• No pipe modification
• Impressive repeatability
• Unique monitoring modes
All-in-One Measurement System for In-Depth Analysis
The VK-X3000 3D Surface Profiler has 292 different analysis tools to help users quickly & easily capture accurate measurement data.
Learn more about how this system could help improve your processes!
Sneak Peek at KEYENCE's Latest 3D Vision System
The XT Series' 3D technology is enabled by state-of-the-art equipment to provide advanced imaging for any level of user. Discover the hardware secrets to achieve high-accuracy 2D & 3D measurements.
High-Speed Outer Diameter Inspection
• Non-contact measurement
• Accurate and repeatable results
• Easy to set up
• Unmatched durability