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Newsletter 2021

October 25, 2021

Subject :

[Just Released] 3D Optical Profilometer

[NEW Product] 3D Optical Profilometer with Built-In Motorized Rotary Unit
High-precision 3D measurements of an entire surface in 1 second! The VR-6000 3D Optical Profilometer can measure profiles, flatness, roughness, virtual cross-sections, and more.
Inspect Large Targets with New Ultra-High-Resolution Cameras
Save time and money by utilizing ultra-high-resolution cameras for the inspection of large targets. A single camera can handle inspections where multiple cameras were previously required.
Inline Profile Measurement Just Got Easier
Our laser profiler just received a new suite of tools, making accurate inspection easier than ever. Automatically correct profiles, detect targets, or quickly set up weld inspections. Learn more here.
Simplify Start Ups
with the New MK-G Smart Dock
The Smart Dock will autonomously assess diagnostics, perform self-cleanings, and take corrective actions to ensure consistent startup, shutdown, and failure recovery without the need of interaction.
Automated Toolmaker's Microscope
Easily inspect your applications that need high-levels of accuracy. See how the LM Series automates the process including Z-axis measurements.
Barcode Reading on Any Size Product at Any Speed
SR-5000 series image-based scanners are the most capable and stable barcode reading systems available today. See how the SR-5000 offers cutting-edge code reading in both logistics and automation industries
Energy Savings - Clamp-On Air/Gas Flow Meter
Monitor compressed air & gases throughout your facility
- Completely non-invasive
- Utilize on pipes 3/4"-8"
- Cost savings through compressor optimization, leakage Identification, etc.
Vision Sensor Application Examples with 5G Devices and Component Manufacturing
The rise of 5G has resulted in an increased demand for electronic components. Browse the latest examples of stable measurement, differentiation, and presence detection.