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Newsletter 2021

November 08, 2021

Subject :

World's Smartest Laser Marker

Laser Marker with Automatic Part Tracking
This powerful new system takes full advantage of integrated vision to deliver full-field autofocus, fixtureless marking, and diagnostic tools.
Upgraded Capability for Inline Measurement System
The TM-X5000 Series launched new functions, including image and profile output, to make it even more convenient and powerful for inline measurement and inspection.
WORLD'S FIRST Green Laser CMOS Sensor
The LR-X Series:
-Compact and Robust Design
-Impressive Detection Capabilities
-Easy Integration
Examples of New Large Part Dimensioning Tool
The WM Series is a coordinate measuring machine with a maximum measuring range of 10 m. Learn techniques for measuring large products from examples.
Full Range Code Reading to Make Work Easy
Tired of always getting off and on the forklift to read barcodes? Take a seat and use the BT-A700's full range reading capabilities to make work easy.
Introduction to White Light Interferometry
This introductory guide includes basic information on the principles of white light interferometry, key points to note for measurement, and application examples.
Introducing a Laser Displacement Sensor Based on a New Principle with an Integrated Camera and Laser
See how the IX Series enables stable detection even for targets considered difficult to differentiate. This guide also introduces vision sensors with built-in AI for an in-depth look at two different sensors capable of improving operations.
Easily Deploy 3D Vision-Guided Picking Systems Using Automatic Path Planning and Picking Simulators
See just how easy it is to deploy the RB 3D bin picking system. Automatically calculate robot movements and simulate the picking of parts without a robot.