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Newsletter 2021

December 06, 2021

Subject :

Start Your New Year Off Right

Automate Your Inspection Now
Our Instant Measurement Series is in stock and ready to ship. At the push of a button, you can have your inspection process automated and measure hundreds of features in seconds.
Modernize Your Warehousing Process with Androidâ„¢
Modern logistics and warehousing processes require modern solutions. With built-in lockdown software and remote management tools, the BT-A700 makes taking control of your operations easy and secure.
Eliminate Unnecessary Downtime with Improved Inkjet Maintainability
Inkjet Printers can be one of the biggest bottlenecks in today's manufacturing facilities. Click here to see how the MK-G reduces downtime by eliminating unnecessary maintenance.
The Industry's Leading Safety Laser Scanner
Safely protect countless types of hazards with the SZ-V Series
- Area Protection
- Access Protection
A Sensor Designed to Fit Anywhere
The CL Series uses KEYENCE's newly developed technology to create a compact sensor with incredible performance. This guide is a must-see for people looking to improve quality inspections.
[NEW Product] A Non-Contact Profilometer That Can Measure Any Callout
The VR-6000 can measure profiles on large objects and reproduces cross-sectional shapes by measuring targets while rotating them. Thickness and depth can be measured accurately and easily.
Achieving KAIZEN with Laser Displacement Sensors That Detect Height Over an Area
KEYENCE laser displacement sensors provide stable height detection of items such as height differences, target position, tilt, and seating. They also allow for simultaneous detection of multiple points. Read about actual application examples.
Image Large Fields of View with Ultra-High Resolution Cameras
Introducing new 64, 41, and 21 megapixel cameras to meet the needs for high-accuracy and wide field of view inspections. Extremely fast imaging rates permit usage on high-speed production lines.