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Newsletter 2022

January 17, 2022

Subject :

Next-Gen Laser Marking

Laser Marker with Full-Field Autofocus
This next-generation laser marker can automatically focus to, track, and mark parts anywhere inside the marking field.
Vision Sensor Application Examples with 5G Devices and Component Manufacturing
The rise of 5G has resulted in an increased demand for electronic components. Browse the latest examples of stable measurement, differentiation, and presence detection.
[New Product] 3D Optical Profiler
Capture high-precision 3D data in as little as 1 second for accurate profile, roughness and thickness measurements that can be compared directly to a CAD model or other part scan.
Avoiding Flow Meter Problems
The diagrams in this guide offer insight on common flow meter problems and corresponding countermeasures for eight different operating principles, including Coriolis, ultrasonic, and paddle wheel methods.
Non-Contact Thickness Measurement
The CL-3000 offers simple and accurate inline measurements that can help improve yield rates and cost-effectiveness —two essential factors to consider as raw material costs increase.
New Tools to Improve Bin Picking Success
Check out these new functions to solve common setup and operating issues with 3D robotic picking. The Path Planning tool and Picking Simulator drastically improve the success rate of implementation!
Enhance Your Logistic Processes with Character Recognition
KEYENCE’s BT-A700 Mobile computer not only scans barcodes, but also reads text. Drastically improve your processes by eliminating human reading errors.
Easily Measure Large Parts and Align Assemblies
The WM Series makes it easy for anyone to accurately obtain 3D measurements and GD&T dimensions on large parts up to 32 feet.