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Newsletter 2022

January 31, 2022

Subject :

Safety Relay Innovation, World's First Green Laser CMOS Sensor & More

The Next Evolution in Safety Relays
- Universal Connectivity
- Built-in Display
- Detailed Event History
- Remote Monitoring
WORLD'S FIRST Green Laser CMOS Sensor
The LR-X Series:
-Compact and Robust Design
-Impressive Detection Capabilities
-Easy Integration
Expanding the Possibilities of Backlit Measurement
The TM-X Telecentric Measurement System is pre-calibrated for easy setup and guaranteed accuracy throughout the field of view.
Code Reading in the Electric Vehicle Industry
The EV revolution is driving the need for automation in the automotive industry. With that comes the need for a robust and capable code reader. See how KEYENCE can optimize any code reading process.
Reduce Downtime with a Self-Correcting Inkjet
KEYENCE’S continuous inkjet printer can automatically diagnose and perform daily maintenance procedures. No more costly downtime, manual cleaning, or the need to have a technician come on-site.
Solve Vision Sensor Problems with an Image-Based Laser Sensor
Many vision sensor problems are caused by ambient light or shadows. The IX Series enables stable detection by using an integrated camera and laser to avoid these and other problems.
[NEW] High-Accuracy 3D Optical Profiler
Take accurate profile and roughness measurements in as little as one second on any type of material with our newly released VR-6000 3D Optical Profiler!
Struggling with Optical Comparator Measurements?
The IM-8000 Series, an automatic measurement system, will simplify and speed up your inspection process. Measure up to 100 parts with 300 dimensions in just the push of a button.