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Newsletter 2022

February 14, 2022

Subject :

View, Capture, & Measure with an All-in-One System

View, Capture, & Measure with an All-in-One System
With easier operability, higher resolution imaging, and advanced measurement functions, the VHX-7000 is equipped with all the features needed to enhance your analysis.
Laser Marker with Built-In Code Reader
These innovative systems use built-in lights, cameras, and scanning patterns to produce easy-to-read codes.
Easily Check for Liquid Flow
Simply clamp-on the FD-Q in less than 60 seconds, provide power and you're up & running.
- No pipe modification
- No downtime
- No joke
[New] Advanced Data Logger
This multi-channel data logger makes logging and analyzing data simple and easy. You can collect a wide range of measurements including temperature, analog, strain, acceleration, and many more!
Solder and Connector Inspection with an Inline 3D Camera
Inspect solder, PCBs, connectors, and small precision components with the XT 3D camera. Inspect to accuracies of 10 micron inline while checking for defects and taking measurements.
Difficult Measurement Requirements?
High volume inspection with tight tolerance requirements can be difficult to achieve. To solve this, check out our LM Series sub-micron accurate measurement device.
100% Inspection with Image-Based Analysis
The TM-X5000 Series adopts a highly stable measurement principle to ensure 100% inspection, from inline dimensional measurements to foreign particle inspection. Click to learn more!
Read Codes Across an Entire Conveyor with a Single Reader!
Wide FoV code reading often requires multiple readers to cover the necessary FoV. However, a single SR-5000 can span the distance of most conveyor belts. This means less setup and more coverage!