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Newsletter 2022

February 28, 2022

Subject :

Cameras So Smart they Program Themselves

New Smart Camera That Sets Itself Up
The advanced AI enables presence detection and differentiation while also fully automating setting configuration. Take advantage of long-range detection over a wide area for use in various situations.
Expanding the Possibilities of Backlit Measurement
The TM-X5000 Telecentric Measurement System is pre-calibrated for easy setup and guaranteed accuracy throughout the field of view.
Laser Marking and Processing on Lithium-Ion Batteries
These laser markers excel at traceability marking and surface cleaning thanks to 3-Axis technology, reduced heat stress and a large depth-of-focus.
Sub-Micron Instant Measurement
The LM Series is a highly accurate, easy-to-operate measurement system. Just place the target on the stage and press the button to carry out sub-micron measurements.
Eliminating Reading Errors is The Key to Improving Logistics Processes
Reading errors caused by wear and bleeding in code printing can bottleneck any code reading process. The SR-5000 series is capable enough to read damaged codes and preserve throughput.
Accurate and Repeatable Surface Finish Measurements
The VK-X3000 Series can automatically measure surface finish and film thickness on any type of material with up to .01 nm height resolution.
Find Defects as Small as 10 μm In-Line by Utilizing 3D Imaging
Experience superior speed and imaging through:
• 9+ MP resolution for 2D & 3D inspection
• Check all 3D features on complex parts
• Guided setup for ease of use
Clamp-On Air/Gas Flow Monitoring Now Possible
Reduce costs by monitoring:
• Air consumption after receiving tanks
• Actual compressor output
• Different branch pipes for comparison
• Machine air/gas usage & leakage