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Newsletter 2022

March 07, 2022

Subject :

[New Product] SR-X Series

An AI-Powered Code Reader Guaranteed to Improve Read Rates
The SR-X Series is KEYENCE's newest code reading solution. Equipped with powerful AI, linked decoding system, and built-in tracking software, this reader provides an unrivaled code reading experience!
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Inspect Large Targets with a Single Device Using Ultra-High-Resolution 64 MP Cameras
Large targets often require multiple cameras due to a lack of resolution. Replace multi-camera setups with a single ultra-high resolution camera to make your install quick, easy, and less expensive.
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[NEW] Advanced Data Logger
This multi-channel data logger makes logging and analyzing data quick and easy. Collect a wide range of measurements including temperature, analog, strain, acceleration, and many more!
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A Multi-Tool for Safety Applications
This series was developed to be versatile, easy to use and the industry standard it has become. Highlights include:
- 27' protection & 85' warning zone
- Superior environmental resistance
- In stock
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All-in-One Guide to 1D Laser Displacement Sensors
Laser displacement sensors provide simple, effective solutions for inline measurement. Whether you need 1 μm accuracy or 1 m of range, their versatility and speed can handle a variety of applications.
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4-in-1 Digital Microscope
Learn more about how the VHX-7000 digital microscope combines the capabilities of the 4 major types of microscopes with an all-in-one system, making imaging and analysis easy!
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Wireless CMM: Measure All Part Sizes
The WM Series can measure all sizes of parts, up to 32 ft. Easily take 3D/GD&T measurements on any part, anywhere in your facility!
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Conquer Difficult Materials with UV Marking
High-strength, high-heat resins are challenging to mark with traditional lasers. These UV laser markers offers the best-in-class versatility across a wide array of material types.
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