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Newsletter 2022

March 14, 2022

Subject :

New Products - Clamp-on Flow Meter, AI-Equipped Smart Camera, Non-Contact 3D Measurement and More

[New Product] Next Evolution in Clamp-on Flow Meters
New FD-H redefines possibilities of clamp-on flow monitoring:
- Zero pipe modification
- High temp, rigid pipe & hose models
- Detailed remote display
- Stability - even w/ bubbles, particulates, etc.
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[New Product] 6-in-1 Measuring Tool
With this tool, users can measure profiles, roughness and GD&T all within a single system and compare data to CAD or other parts.
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[NEW] AI-Equipped Smart Camera with a Built-in Amplifier
AI support for image-capturing conditions and detection settings provides stable detection of the presence of targets. An ultra-compact model is also available, to better fit any application.
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A Guide to Successful Inkjet Printing Applications with Industry Examples
This guide illustrates how KEYENCE's inkjet printer can be utilized to mark directly on products in the food, pharmaceutical, electronic and automotive industries. See guide for more information.
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Code Readers, the Key to Increasing Throughput
KEYENCE'S SR-5000 series code reading system provides unparalleled reading performance that assures high read rates which are key to increasing throughput. Schedule an on-site demo today!
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Inline Measurement Guide: Li-Ion Battery Manufacturing
A comprehensive guide to automated inline measurement and inspection applications in Li-Ion battery manufacturing. Click to find out how KEYENCE can assist with improving your in-process efficiency!
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Image Large Fields of View with Ultra-High-Resolution Cameras
Introducing new 64-, 41-, and 21-megapixel cameras to meet the needs for high-accuracy and wide field of view inspections. Extremely fast imaging rates permit usage on high-speed production lines.
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Coordinate Measuring Machine Shop Floor Measurement Application Examples
Learn about shop floor application examples that use the XM Series, with information aimed at solving problems in processing and measurement, which are the keys to reducing labor.
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