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Newsletter 2022

March 28, 2022

Subject :

[NEW] Introducing the Latest Microscope Technology

[NEW] Elemental Analysis with Digital Microscopes!
With the new VHX-7000N, users are able to quickly capture high-resolution images, accurate measurement data, and identify materials at the click of a button!
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Deploy a Successful 3D Bin Picking System in Just One Day Using the KEYENCE RB
The KEYENCE RB 3D system makes bin picking easy. Eliminate risk by using the Picking Simulator and Path Planning tools to determine if your project will be successful BEFORE deployment.
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Full Range Reading for Improving Logistics Operations
KEYENCE handheld computers can read codes from 1 in to 30 ft away. Flexible reading enables operators to read from a forklift without getting up, saving time.
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Eliminate Inspection Operator Error
Regardless the operator or part, get consistent measurement results with our automatic inspection system.
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Why Reduce When You Can Totally Eliminate False Rejects from Machine Vision?
Stop using vision to solve gauging problems. Our sensors can measure height anywhere within an area, detecting multiple points on a part even if tilted or rotated. No more false rejects.
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Laser Marking on Electric Vehicle Batteries
Laser markers are becoming essential to battery manufacturing. Here's how.
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Clamp-On Air/Gas Flow Monitoring Now Possible
Reduce costs by monitoring:
• Air consumption after receiving tanks
• Actual compressor output
• Different branch pipes for comparison
• Machine air/gas usage & leakage
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[Same-day Shipping!] Maintenance-free Outer Diameter Measuring Instrument
Available for same-day shipping,
the LS-9000 Series is a high-speed optical micrometer that automatically corrects for target run-out and tilt. Contact KEYENCE to get up and running as quickly as possible.
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