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Newsletter 2022

April 11, 2022

Subject :

Automate Your Inspection Process

Automatic 2.5D Measurement
Improve your inspection process by implementing our IM Series; just place and press for all your dimensions in just 3 seconds. Our IM-8000 now offers full 360 degree measurement!
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New AI-Powered Barcode Reader
Introducing a compact, ultra-high performance code reader with built-in AI. Never miss a barcode with the SR-X barcode reader. See how the built-in AI makes previously unreadable codes readable.
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[NEW] Simplified Safety Controls
GC Series makes safety controls simple:
- Universal Connectivity
- Easily Simulate Setups
- Built-in Display w/ Detailed Event History
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Analyze Surface Differences in 1 Second
Our non-contact measurement tool allows users to quickly and accurately measure profiles, roughness, and GD&T at the click of a button. You can even compare the data to CAD models or other parts!
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Laser Marking Trends: EV Application Guide
Discover new laser marking trends for EV and hybrid vehicle manufacturing in this application guide.
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Common Examples of Non-Contact Measurement in the Food and Packaging Industries
See how KEYENCE laser displacement sensors are being used around the world with this collection of measurement examples. These sensors can help meet today’s increased demand for hygiene and safety quality assurances.
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New Tools for 2D and 3D Vision Guided Robotics
Learn how the new ShapeTrax™ geometric based pattern search and auto calibration tools make deploying a vision guided robotics system easy, even when picking from a bin.
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New Vision Sensor Automates Image Setup For Ease Of Use
No need to sort through lighting and lens options. The IV3 Smart Image Optimization automatically sets the lighting and focus for stable detection. Ask for a demo.
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