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Newsletter 2022

April 25, 2022

Subject :

The Newest Solutions, Resources and Offers from KEYENCE

New CAD Import Function for Telecentric Measurement
We have added a CAD import function to
the TM-X5000 Series. Simply register the CAD data of your part and make inline inspection with
the TM-X5000 even easier.
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New NQ Series IO-Link Master Modules
A few highlights include:
• 8 port and 4 port (slim) models
• Easy software (setup in minutes)
• All models are IP69k
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[NEW] Easy-to-Use Digital Microscope
Check out the VHX-7000N, the lastest in microscope technology!
• 4K Imaging
• Adaptive Lighting & Focusing
• 2D/3D Measurements
• Elemental Analysis
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Image in 3D with a 2D Camera
Use 3D imaging to your advantage for difficult inspections. Applications include assembly verification, defect detection, adhesive inspection, and more.
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[NEW] AI Powered Barcode Reader Can Read the Toughest Codes
Reading errors can occur when 2D codes change due to dirt and other factors in the manufacturing process. The AI filters provide a stable reading even when the code changes.
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[NEW] Portable Modular Data Logger
This system makes logging data quick and easy. The intuitive software is free. Our custom multi-channel DAQ can be used to monitor and analyze data, or to troubleshoot and store for traceability!
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Reduce Time Inspecting Large Parts
The WM Series can measure parts up to 32 feet in just a few minutes. Check out the applications of
the WM Series and see how it can help reduce your measurement workload.
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High Contrast Laser Marking Applications
UV laser markers can create better color contrast thanks to their "cold" wavelength. Check out these marking examples & get an inside look at UV laser marking trends.
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