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Newsletter 2022

June 09, 2022

Subject :

How to Choose the Right Laser Marker

Laser Markers: Material-Based Selection Guide
Lasers can mark metals, resins, ceramics, and more. However, different wavelengths excel at marking certain materials. Learn how to match the right wavelength to the desired material in this guide.
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A Comprehensive Guide to Automating Battery Inspection - Welcome to the Virtual Factory!
KEYENCE non-contact measurement is used in battery production lines around the globe. This resource includes examples of how to help improve quality and yield rates across a wide ranges of processes.
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Handheld CMM for Quick and Easy Measurement
3D Measurement is made easy with a handheld CMM. Hold the probe at any angle and press it against a target to take a measurement. It's that simple!
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WORLD'S FIRST Green Laser CMOS Sensor
The LR-X Series:
• Compact and Robust Design
• Impressive Detection Capabilities
• Easy Integration
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Improving Inspection Accuracy with a 64-megapixel Camera
The ultra-high resolution camera provides a wide field of view and high accuracy. Check out various examples of how this product ensures greater vision system stability during inspection.
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A Laser Displacement Sensor That Can Find Your Part?
Vision Guided Laser Displacement Sensor can correct for position of misplaced or tilted parts and still provide stable measurements.
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Surface Analysis on Any Sample
Our material-independent surface profiler offers the ability to:
• Measure 3D profiles and roughness
• Capture SEM-like images with no sample prep
• Measure coating thickness without cross-sectioning
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Code Reader Application Examples in the Automotive Industry
With the growing popularity of traceability, the use of barcodes continues to grow. See how the SR-X AI can be used in the automotive industry to help prevent errors.
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