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Newsletter 2022

June 06, 2022

Subject :

[New Product] Measure 3D Features in 1 Second

[New Product] Measure 3D Features in 1 Second
Measure 3D topography in 1 second:

• Built-in AI for automatic measurement
• Measure 1 µm changes over a 300 mm area
• Compare parts directly to a CAD model
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The Easiest Data Logger Ever!
Fast and easy to use even for first-time users. Post-measurement analysis and reports are now a snap. See for yourself. Free on-site and virtual demos available.
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[New Product] Full-Screen Android™ Handheld Computer
With a drop resistance of up to 2.7 m, the DX Series can withstand the harshest environments. The DX Series runs on Android™ 11 which gives it the flexibility to run on any Enterprise system.
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Decrease Scrap with this Vision-Guided Laser Marker
Are you scrapping parts because they are mis-marked? MD-X laser markers use a built-in camera to automatically reposition marks based on part position and orientation.
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Do-It-All Appearance Sensor
Excellent for Applications Such As:
• Registration Mark Detection
• Splice Detection
• Weld Seam Check
• Color Verification
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Utilizing White Light Interferometry for Batch 3D Measurement of Any Material
The white light interferometry principle enables batch measurement of transparent objects and mirror surfaces that are difficult to measure with a 3D camera. The ability to capture 3D data in as little as 0.13 seconds also makes high-accuracy inline measurement and inspection possible.
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Improving the Quality of Electric Vehicles with Vision Systems
The popularity of electric vehicles is steadily growing, and manufacturing sites are facing ever-stricter inspection requirements. Browse examples of how vision systems are being used to meet these increasingly stringent demands.
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Simplify Inspection with 1 Button
Are your dimensional measurements difficult and time-consuming? The IM-8000 Series makes measurements easy and fast for any user. Check out the brochure to see how it can simplify your inspection process!
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